Find grant funding for your business

Find grant funding for your business

Grant funding can help you start or grow your home business.

There’s heaps of grants on offer from federal, state and territory governments – so where do you start?

Thankfully, there’s a terrific feature on that can help you find grants that may suit your home business. The Grants & Assistance section allows you to search by grant name, location, industry and more – plus it’s completely free to use.

Check out the Grants & Assistance feature now to see what’s on offer.

Beware of scam sites

Beware of websites that charge for grant-related services. Many of these sites simply provide information that’s already freely available on government websites such as

If you choose to engage a service provider to assist you with your grant application, do some due diligence first to make sure they’re a reputable provider.

Also watch out for websites posing as official Australian Government sites. A big give away is a website using a domain extension other than (which is restricted for government use only).

For more information on grant-related scams, see this article on

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