This page lists the products and services that we use and recommend.

Business cards

For top quality business cards we highly recommend MOO.

Health and fitness

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle when working from home.

For fitness gear we highly recommend Gym and Fitness.

For some great tips, check out our article: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when working from home.

Website hosting

We use VentraIP Australia for all of our hosting requirements, including

Domain names

For purchasing high quality domain names, we recommend the marketplace.

To register new domain names, we recommend VentraIP Australia.

WordPress themes

We use the Bridge theme for

For other great themes, check out ThemeForest.

WordPress plugins

Below are some of our favourite plugins that we’re using on

For other great WordPress plugins, check out CodeCanyon.

Email services (subscriptions)

We use MailChimp for subscriptions.

We’ve previously used AWeber and MailPoet (a WordPress plugin). Both of these were good, but not great.

MailChimp has been amazing.

Affiliate marketing

We mainly use Commission Factory.

For tips on monetisation and affiliate marketing, see the section on affiliate programs in our article: Business Idea: Blogging.

For advice on using affiliate marketing to promote your business, see our article: Use affiliate marketing to promote your business and increase sales.


See our article on logos: Get a great logo for less.